REEL is a roving pop-up cinema programme for artists' films, animation and live A/V performance, screened/ performed/ installed on a single evening event. A programme of films is selected by attempting to echo site-specific properties of the host venue. The submission process is always open so please send your work any time or invite me to put on a screening for you. Contact me on twitter @lincolnreel or by email

Reel A.L.E: A (Screen-based) Landscape Exhibition

Reel meets A.L.E (A Landscape Exhibition), a year-long art programme taking a skewed look at the landscape as a subject for art. This programme features films that capture the landscape in different ways: literal, poetic, acoustic, electronic, figurative, abstract and autobiographical. This event was also the preview of a new film 'There & Back':  a film painting workshop for a creative youth group, led by Stewart Collinson at [gP] studio. See below for the programme listing and video previews:

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Reel.   12/
No.      12/
6         13

The scene for the latest Reel night was The Greyfriars, a 13th-century Franciscan Friary located at the heart of Lincoln's Cultural Quarter. On this occasion, General Practice held a christmas party commemorating the building's artist-led occupancy with festive spirit and a collaborative exchange of soup and secret santa gifts.

Reel no.6 took place at the foot of the main chamber, in the style of an 'Exquisite Corpse'. This parlour game method was applied by assembling the selection into 3 parts x 3 artists. For previews, click the linked images.


Nathan Baxter debuts his recent lo-fi video close-ups
Keren Cytter executes a 'home video Hitchcock' soap-opera (with spontaneous fires)
Stewart Collinson pulls out his christmas cracker.


Jackson Swaby re-assembles his new student enclosure
Adam Thompson taps into the rippling screen-scape.


Jared Pappas-Kelley invites us to ponder the headless human condition
Jayne Wilson illustrates the Sir Francis Beaufort Scale with collaged found footage
Sean Vicary returns to the Welsh Borderlands, to re-evaluate the subject of loss.


All videos courtesy of artist. 

Huddled up in the lounge of Monks Gallery, Reel-4 opened with a live score by Hyku, responding to 'Merge', an archive video collage by Thomas Went. The video reel that followed featured scenes of animated familial exchanges, news coverage of natural disasters, how to be create video art and drawing the life model with a smile, to name a few. Meanwhile, Nathan Baxter enters the kitchen with a boom box that plays a looped track of lo-fi ambient drone, to accompany a trio of pulsing television screens, playing footage of an upright seated man, appearing at the click of the strobe light phasing in and out of unison. Go to the bedroom and you enter a video installation by Kate Buckley, who is projecting light-formed body parts over the surfaces of the room. Draping the curtains and sheets, the haunted essence of bodies hang off the walls and place the viewer directly in the light. As the curtains drew on the night itself, we asked Hyku to play us out.


  • Bedroom is open for installation by Kate Buckley.
Part I
  • Hyku scores 'Merge' by Thomas Went. Archive video collage, guitar, effect pedals, amplifier, 8mins.
  • Introduction/ open credits.
  • 'Backgrounds' (2013) by David Blandy. Animation, 7mins.
  • 'Fold' (2012) by Kate Buckley. DV video, 3mins.
  • 'The Banker' (2012) by Phil Mulloy. Animation, 3mins.
  • 'Bonding' (2012) By Belinda Thomas. DV video, 1min.

Interval, 15mins

  • Kitchen is open for installation by Nathan Baxter.
Part II
  • Encore of 'Merge' by Thomas Went, with live score by Hyku.

Gathered for the closing event of 'Crocodiles with a Second Skin Thrash' at Over + Out, Reel-3 featured artists working in Lincoln, showcasing a range of moving imagery that played on ownership of original material, appropriated history and live audio-visual adaptations. We saw animated photo cut-ups to a musical number, moments in history re-imagined with archive film collage, rhythmic meditations of patterns and even mind control as visual art research. In lieu of the symbiotic nature of the exhibition, the reel was projected onto Toby Huddlestone's large wall sticker, assuming it's place on a gallery wall twice over.


Part I: Local Sources
Moving image-based artists working in Lincoln.

Interval, 15 mins.

Part II: Out There
Artists from the outer-lands.